3 reasons why you SHOULD have professional portraits made...

3 Reasons Why Professional Portraits Are A Great Idea…

Professional Portrait
  1. It empowers us on a whole new level…

Honestly, there is so much noise for us to contend within this world. The constant sounds of failure and inadequacies can sometimes take its toll. When professional portraiture is done right, the results can be empowering beyond what we’ve ever experienced.

Seeing yourself, strong, confident, beautiful and free really helps us know, that we doing just fine in the world. When we show off these unique portraits to our friends and family, its refreshing hearing the pride and joy that many are seeing of you, so eloquently portrayed.

Professional Portrait 2

2. It enables a deeper connection to memories…

Much of world is forgotten the very next day, what we ate, read or thought about during that time, fades. Portraits don’t, especially those hanging on your walls at home. Professional portraits take you places, those feelings you had when you first laid eyes on them, who you where with, what year it was taken.

Memories are so important to us, how they connect us with one another. Have a look around your house, and go and stand in front of each image hung up on walls or mantelpieces and just enjoy the memories. They are so beautiful.

As the quote says “If You Don’t Think Photos Are Important, Wait Until They Are All You Have Left”

professional portrait 3

3. It’s investing in yourself & your family…

As I say to my clients, you will not remember what you have spent with me in 5 years time. However what you will have is a collection of images that you’’ cherish for the rest of your lives.

My mum has hung up on her walls in her kitchen, portraits of my Grandmother & Grandfather, they mean to much to her. They watch on has she cooks for us all as a family.

We often enjoy investing in others, whether thats with our time, energy or money perhaps. It’s equally vital to invest in ourselves. Wether you get portraits taken of just you, or your loving children, it’s an investment that will bring you the most joy and pleasure for years to come.

professional portrait 4

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