Jenny & Paul | Victoria House, Hamble

Wowser...what a crazy summer it's been this year.

How beautiful that summer was with Jenny & Paul on a hot and baking day at Victoria House, Hamble.

Jenny and Paul

I met Jenny and Paul at their home a few months before the wedding and I knew then just how special this day would be to myself as much as for them.

Weddings come in various shapes and sizes, from massive full-on banquet type affairs to small and dainty. This felt like it had it all and then some.

Why do I love wedding photography? because people forget that I'm attending their wedding and just let themselves be. It free's me to capture an incredible story.


I don't think there's a wedding that goes by where I'm not holding back the tears, thing is its ok when you're the guest but extremely hard to see through a camera with tears in your eyes.


With the summer weather, 2 beautiful people saying their vows, a lot of incredible food and many laughter and tears, it made for one stunning wedding.


I get asked sometimes if I do wedding photography for the money? I say not really...I do it for the people. Capturing people showing commitment too each other in front of their loved ones is the single greatest honour and feeling in the world, no amount of money could buy that.




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