Chloe & Brett | Rookesbury Park

Chloe Wedding

It Must Be Love...Love...Love

Honestly, how many of you just sung that in your head :P

I had the privilege of capturing Chloe & Brett's wedding in March. What a day it was, full of sun, love and a whole lot of magic at Rookesbury Park...which I’ll get to later.


Alter Call

Expectations where running high, I arrived on a hot day full of excitement and joy. I was all set to go, the groom arrived with a sweat on his brow. 

Gorgous Man

Gorgous Man

We cracked some jokes, busted some shapes and I snapped away. Family and friends began arriving, all heading in the direction of the groom. 

One of the many joys of being a wedding photographer is enjoying the view, I have learnt to capture unique stories whilst admiring the beauty around me. There was plenty around for the entire day.

Grandmother Wedding

Here Come The Girls...

After many of the guests arrived it was time for the bridesmaids and bride to come together for what I can only describe as mischief. These ladies were hilarious, it was like watch the film dumb and dumber, best friends but with crazy but beautiful personalities. 

Next Stop, Banter Town

Next Stop, Banter Town

After some last minute nerves and laughs the Bride began her walk to meet the most beautiful man in the wait her Groom...phew.

I've arrived!!!

I've arrived!!!

I spent 30 minutes capturing some incredible photos of two people who declared their love for each other in front of their loved ones. Marriage is an incredible gift, someone has chosen to spend their life with you...what an honour 



After the ceremony we headed to the reception, Rookesbury Park School in Fareham, check out their website. If you're looking for a wedding venue I would say definitely check this place out. It was once a school which unfortunately closed its doors in 2011, but has risen to become one of the best wedding venues I have ever had the privilege of attending. There are old wooden fires, massive rooms full of beds, ginormous rooms to eat and dance and an incredible garden to capture some amazing photos.



The sun goes down a real treat at sunset, it peaks just above the trees allowing for some amazing shots to be captured.

Sunset Walk
Kiss Sunset

It's a Kind of Magic

Thrown into the beautiful mixture of this wedding was a magician. Now honestly I think of magicians a little like Paul Daniels or Sooty and Sweep haha. But I am noticing more and more magicians being used to entertain guests throughout the wedding day.

I met Sean Boon...

Sean Boon Magician

What a Magician, What an Act, What a Legend...

Right from the off, Sean mingled in with the guest, made people feel relaxed and got them laughing and scratching their heads at the same time.

Sean Boon Cards Magician

Honestly, he was everything and more of what I had expected from his performance. Often I would here words such as 'No way' and 'how did you do that'. I half expected to look down to find I was completed naked having had Sean somehow hide my clothes somewhere. Fortunately for everyone, he didn't perform that trick haha, but he did bamboozle everyone he met. He was a quality act and his reviews on his Facebook page says it all really. Check him out, he's incredibly talented.

After much food, wine and laughter it was time to dance the night way. The bride and groom did the honours of kick starting the best dance moves in the world, their first dance. 

Chloe & Brett First Dance

One main recurring theme that came out of this beautiful wedding was just how clear it was that Chloe & Brett love each other, they where free to be themselves of the day and did so amazingly.

People jumped to the dance floor to celebrate an incredible day.

Mum & Dad Dance

All in all an incredible day which will be forever etched into my mind as something special. It was an honour and a joy to capture their special day and to make some great friends along the way.