Considering booking Your Wedding? Check This...

So you've gotten engaged, flicked through the bridal magazines and finally zeroed in on your perfect wedding ceremony.

For most of us, booking a wedding can be an incredible experience, once you start putting the big parts of the jigsaw that is your wedding day together, you can finally piece together the small bits and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment too.

However, there is 1 key element which can be neglected, not thought about or even mentioned until the very day of your wedding.



More specifically as a wedding photographer, where and when, you can take photos during a wedding ceremony.

Often I've arrived at a ceremony full of life, camera in hand, ready to capture the most intimate, powerful and precious moments as the bride and groom declare their love for one another in front of their friends and family...only to be halted by the minister.


Depending on where you choose to marry, there are venues in which the vicar/minister/officiate will explain where photos can and can't be taken.

In one wedding, the couple didn't know they couldn't have the ceremony captured and only found out when I explained that the vicar wouldn't allow me to take any photos of the wedding.

I was granted access to 1 photo of them signing the register and the rest of the time I had to sit in the back in complete silence.

For this couple it was heartbreaking, and it was for me too. Knowing they had paid all this money yet they couldn't have the most precious moments captured.


I've had requests not to take photos during the vows, right the way through to only being able to take photos on the top tier away from everyone.

My biggest encouragement to you is...don't get caught out. Ask those questions when you speak to the venue coordinator. Ask them what photos they are allowed to have captured. I will always encourage my clients to put me in touch with the ceremony hosts, this allows me to ask those questions without stressing you out. 

And consider this, are the photos of your moments declaring you love to your spouse important to you...I would say absolutely. If a ceremony venue won't budge on allowing photos then consider looking elsewhere perhaps.


I'm fully aware this may not always be able to happen, due to availability of venues, cranky mothers insisting you get married in the only church in the village, or the general costs of funding the wedding of your dreams.

However, I would encourage you to be brave, ask questions, stay true to whats most important to you on the day, and most importantly enjoy the process of planning your day. 

My heart for you, is that you don't get caught out at the last minute, and to eliminate as many stresses leading up to your amazing day.


Do you have any stories similar to this?? I'd love to hear from you, consider writing your experience in the comments section below.

Kieran Boniface