13 Points To Remember When Planning a Wedding

1: Create A Budget Plan

One of the crucial areas of wedding planning to think about is how much you can afford to spend. Whether your budget is £1000 or £100,000, you can be sure that there are services out there that will suit your needs — and are within your budget.

Couples can choose to pay for their wedding themselves, where as others split the cost with their family, or if your lucky, parents are happy to fund the whole day themselves. Be mindful of exactly how much your willing to spend, and stick to your guns.  


2: Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

So…you have a date, and your ready and fired up to tackle ‘THE WEDDING VENUE’. Experience teaches us that, unless you are planning an exact date, years in advance, the availability and choice of venue can impact the actual date of the wedding.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue will certainly take time and a lot of patience, but with the help of google and word of mouth you will find a perfect setting for your big day. If you choose to get married in a beautiful church or require a local registrar, then be sure to seek the advice of your local Register Office. When both the ceremony and wedding venue arrangements are cemented, your whole day should technically fall into place.

One important area to remember will be your first night together as a married couple. Not every reception venue has hotel facilities. Planning your first night together should be something too think about when viewing wedding venues.


3: Look into Wedding Insurance

An average UK wedding costs somewhere between £15,000 and £20,000. Think about the cost of wedding rings, a wedding dress, catering and the many other wedding essentials and you will soon see how much they add up to.

While it is not very romantic to think about what might go wrong with your wedding, it is best to be prepared. Purchasing Insurance from the moment you start spending money on your wedding could really help with peace of mind for both your wedding, and honeymoon.


4: Wedding Rings

So, you’ve set a date and purchased wedding insurance you can begin to buy all of the accessories that will bring your beautiful day together — including wedding rings that will symbolise you love to one another forever. Legend has it that the tradition of wedding rings comes from the circular shape meaning an endless commitment too one another.

Another legend has it that a vein runs directly from your wedding finger to the heart, connecting the two of you together. Whatever legend you believe, when selecting your ring you are not just choosing a beautiful piece of jewellery that will look lovely on your finger, you are also taking another step towards bonding yourselves together forever.

Wedding Rings


5: The Wedding Invite List

The truth is you have probably already thought about it. When you were younger did you dream of the fairytale wedding or was yours a smaller, more cosy affair?

When you planned your wedding budget earlier in step 1 presumably you have agreed on the amount you will be spending on your reception venue. And, as you have selected your venue it’s safe to assume that you have a good idea of the size of your wedding list. At this point, do not worry about the actual number of people you have down but think more about not overlooking anyone.

Once you are convinced you have everyone included, you can start eliminating people off the list or at least categorising people into daytime and evening guests. Be prepared to give and take a little when discussing people with your partner and try to be as accommodating as possible. That being said, remember that it is your day and if there is somebody there that will really make your day, stand strong.


6: The Dress

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the most fun and exciting parts of the whole wedding preparation process. No matter what shape or size you are, there are a multitude of dresses to be found in this world, not to mention all the accessories you’ll need to make yourself look the part.

Groomswear, ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboys and every other member of the wedding party will also need to be considered, so be prepared to spend some time making sure the complete wedding party is coordinated.

Wedding Dress


7: Wedding Stationary

Whilst you’ve probably already told everyone you know about your up and coming marriage, now is the time to make it official.

Your initiations should be sent out approximately 3-6 months in advance of your beautiful day, but it’s never too early to choose a design or style of stationery that you love.

In order to give your guests as much notice as possible, why not send out ‘save the date’ cards to announce your wedding and ensure that your guests keep that date free, with an ‘official invitation to follow’ in the near future.


8: Honeymoon

Having dealt with various wedding suppliers, bridesmaid issues, months of stress and trying to make the biggest day of your life perfect you will need a holiday.

Your honeymoon is normally your first few weeks alone with your new partner, so it should be truly exciting. If you’ve not built your honeymoon spend into your main wedding budget then decide between you both how much money you can allocate for your honeymoon, and where you’d like to go. A honeymoon is generally taken with in the first few days of being married.

However, depending you your wedding date you may find booking your honeymoon a couple of months after your wedding may help the purse strings. I got married in August and had our official honeymoon in October. We saved over £600 going to Turkey.

We had a mini break after our wedding to allow us to sleep. Changing your name on the passport is best left until after you return from the holiday, but if you don’t own a passport with a least 6 months validity left on it, it would be advisable to get one sooner rather than later. Depending on where you travel to you may need to check whether or not you require a visa.


9: Book a Wedding Photographer

Through out your wedding day you will experience so many wonderful moments that you will want to remember forever. By booking a good wedding photographer or videographer you’ll be able to look over your favourite moments time and time again and they will be a treasure to keep forever.


10: Wedding Gift List

Whilst you are getting married for love, one nice ‘bonus’ is all those lovely presents you are going to receive. And even better, you get to pick them all out yourself!

Most ladies love shopping so going in to a store or online and choosing anything you want for your guest list will be amazing, and is also a smart idea because it avoids you being given 3 toasters or 9 blenders.


11: Table Plans

If you’ve made use of the ‘save the date’ cards, most of your guests should be well aware when your wedding is and will be eagerly anticipating the invitation landing on their doormat. You should send out your invites a minimum of 8 weeks before your wedding however sooner is often better.

If you are inviting a lot of overseas guests it would be advisable to send them early in order for replies to come back to you.

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing how many people to cater for or where to seat who if you are unsure of your final numbers.

One way around this is to have a ‘reserve list’ of people that you would like to invite if numbers permit. Your table plan will need to be arranged as soon as you have all of your RSVPs back from the guests you invited.

Table List


12: Stag & Hen Nights

Also known as ‘the last night of freedom’ the stag and hen nights will be a night or weekend celebration with your best friends to celebrate your future wedding.

Whether your party be at home, out on the town or abroad, your stag or hen party will be all about you, and will be a celebration to remember forever.


13: Finishing Touches

Every couple’s wedding is unique to them so it is difficult to put into words exactly what final touches you will need to take care of. Things to think about are your wedding breakfast, order of service, rehearsals, speeches, reading, poems, music, transport


I won’t have covered everything that takes place in setting up your perfect day. But here is a little snap shot for you to take away with you