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Hey there, I’m Kieran Boniface. I’m a professional & qualified wedding photographer living in Southampton | Hampshire.

  • Always choose a qualified wedding photographer.  I simply cannot stress this enough!  When you invest in a qualified wedding photographer you are safe in the knowledge that your photographer has reached the required professional standard to photograph weddings.

  • Make sure that your photographer shows you a complete wedding from start to finish, not just a selection of pictures in an album. It helps you gain a real insight into your photographers work and how they edit your images. Ask to view a selection of before and after images. An

  • Meet the photographer!  The single most important step. Getting to know my couples is incredibly important and special to me. Understanding the flow of your day, what you cherish and what you don’t, time spent together will help gain all those important insights.  

  • Ask to view their products!  I only use the finest Italian albums and products which are hand made in Italy and flown over, they use only the greatest materials in the photographic industry.  Your wedding photographs should always last generations - so it's very important the album is of the highest quality. 

  • Don't ever be afraid to question your photographer - a great photographer will be able to answer your questions without any problem. I relish this, where you might like more information or be shown how your products will always increase your wedding experience.

  • Remember that dress you paid hundreds or thousands for?? The one you’ve been dreaming of since you were 5? A great indicator for a professional photographer is capturing all the details in your dress. If the dress is so bright and white that you can’t see any detail in the dress then its been over exposed, I see so much of this currently with photographers who call themselves professional. I can’t think of anything worse than ruining a beautiful dress on your special day.

  • Finally, your photographs, marriage and hopefully your suntan are the only important investments, which you retain after your wedding day has finished. The joy and unique pleasure remain long after the price is forgotten.

May you enjoy this special time as you search for the right jigsaw pieces that fit your incredible picture. 

Much love,


Kieran Boniface

"The satisfaction comes from working next to 500 photographers and coming away with something different."

David Burnett


Favourite TV Series
Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul

Favourite Video Game
The Legend Of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Favourite Actor
Tom Hardy

Nikon D750

Favourite Lens
24-70mm Tamron

For all enquiries please contact Kieran at:

0788 985 1192